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What is the difference between simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and chuchotage?

  • Simultaneous interpretation: used for meetings and conferences, the translation is immediate and is heard through headphones with the aid of a technical system.
  • Consecutive interpretation: it is not immediate; every 3-5 minutes, the interpreter sums up the speaker’s words for the public.
  • Chuchotage: this is an immediate, whispered translation given on a one-to-one basis (for one or two interlocutors)
  • What is Bidule: Bidule is a system which uses a radiofrequency transmitting device and receivers. It is light and easy to transport. Its use is limited to specific occasions where the limited available space means that other solutions cannot be used.

What is a sworn translation? What is an affidavit?

  • The affidavit of true translation, also called the sworn translation, attests that the translator has made a faithful translation of the original text.

What is an authentication?

  • It involves a certificate attesting that the signature of the registrar carrying out the affidavit is genuine. Authentication accompanies the affidavit. It is necessary to state which country the document is destined for in the authentication. In Italy, it is not required as the affidavit in itself is sufficient.