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How we work

Translations: getting the message across

Those who turn to us need to ensure that they can understand and be understood. Translating or providing an interpreting service demands a degree of creativity which goes beyond just looking up words. It means working to ensure that people who speak, write or think in different languages can communicate effectively.


Meetings: turnkey solutions

Overlooking the slightest detail can lead to the failure of a painstakingly prepared conference. It is for this reason that we prefer to attend all the meetings in the run up to the event; if the customer should then request it, we are able to handle every stage, right from receiving and registering attendees to the hostess service.


Teaching: communicating successfully

We offer the client– whether a whole company or just one professional– educational and logistical assistance both in Italy and abroad. We only work with mother-tongue teachers, and mould our programmes to suit the needs of the pupil with the most flexible timetable possible.

All of this has, over the course of over forty years in the business, enabled us to serve a vast and varied clientele.