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Who we are

Traduko has a streamlined, efficient structure managed directly by MARINA GEMELLI, MARA CONTI and CECILIA GALANTI.

Marina Gemelli

Handles the organisational aspects. She maintains contact with clients and provides prompt responses to their needs. She also develops new projects, the latest of which being ArtEventi.

Mara Conti

Maintains daily contact with collaborators and oversees the entire process, from making the offer- based on a thorough evaluation of the text- to assigning the job and invoicing.

Cecilia Galanti

Is a young Project Manager. She handles the production process and customer relations, with a particular emphasis on the international markets.

Enrica Angelini

Can boast thirty years of experience as a translator. She selects collaborators for each field of specialisation and maintains regular contact with them as a means of exchanging know-how. The results can be seen in the end product. She also carries out quality control.


Traduko avails of a vast group of hand-picked professional mother-tongue translators who specialise in a variety of fields. They boast a solid cultural background and work in complete harmony with the company’s objectives, namely quality, precision and punctuality. Over the years, the initial group has gradually expanded; the result sees on-going links that remain vital and productive to this day.

Our professional translators can cover every language combination in all the world’s main languages:

Albanian – Arab – Brazilian – Bulgarian – Catalan – Czech – Chinese – Korean – Croatian – Danish – Estonian – Flemish – Finnish – French – Japanese – Greek – English- Icelandic – Italian – Latvian – Lithuanian- Norwegian – Dutch – Polish- Portuguese- Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Slovakian – Slovenian – Spanish – Swedish – German – Turkish – Ukrainian – Hungarian.


We are members of Federlingue (The National Federation of Translation and Interpreting Centres)
Federlingue Milan is a provincial umbrella organisation for translation and interpreting companies; it was established in 1996 with the aim of raising the category’s profile and increasing the quality of language services offered on the market. The association organises themed training courses and on-going training seminars for all its member companies.

As members, we are committed to respecting the code of ethics to guarantee the quality of the linguistic services provided.